Accessibility Information

Hearing Aid Compatibility and TTY

Volt Mobile Wireless strives to provide persons who are deaf or hard of hearing with access to the most compatible wireless devices. Keep reading to learn more about Volt's hearing aid compatible devices, and the options available for the deaf and hard of hearing.

About Hearing Aid Compatibility

Persons using hearing aids can experience interference when using a wireless device that is held to the ear. To address that issue, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), pursuant to the Hearing Aid Compatibility Act, adopted rules requiring wireless device manufacturers and wireless providers to offer a minimum number of devices (with speakers and ordinarily held to the ear) that are compatible with hearing aids. Volt Mobile Wireless offers many wireless devices that meet the FCC’s hearing aid compatibility requirements.

Read below for an explanation of what makes a wireless device hearing aid compatible and lists of current and recent hearing aid compatible devices offered by Volt. For additional information about hearing aid compatibility with wireless devices, see the FCC Guide or the Wireless Association’s accessibility guide.

Apple iPhone 15 rated M3 & T4 BCG-E8427A
Apple iPhone 15 Plus rated M3 & T4 BCG-E8431A
Apple iPhone 15 Pro rated M3 & T4 BCG-E8435A
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max rated M3 & T4 BCG-E8439A
Apple iPhone 14 rated M3 & T4 BCG-E8138A
Apple iPhone 14 Plus rated M3 & T4 BCG-E8139A
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max rated M3 & T4 BCG-E8141A
Apple iPhone 13 mini rated M3 & T4 BCG-E3994A
Apple iPhone 13 rated M3 & T4 BCG-E3997A
Apple iPhone SE (3rd gen) rated M3 & T4 BCG-E4082A
Google Pixel 8 rated M3 & T4 A4RG9BQD
Google Pixel 8 Pro rated M3 & T4 A4RG1MNW
Google Pixel 7a rated M3 & T4 A4RGWKK3
Motorola edge 2022 rated M3 & T3 IHDT56AE7
Motorola razr+ 2023 rated M3 & T3 IHDT56AJ3
Motorola razr 2023 rated M3 & T3 IHDT56AL9
Samsung Galaxy S24 rated M3 & T3 A3LSMS921U
Samsung Galaxy S24+ rated M3 & T3 A3LSMS926U
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra rated M3 & T3 A3LSMS928U
Samsung Galaxy S23 rated M3 & T3 A3LSMS911U
Samsung Galaxy S23+ rated M3 & T3 A3LSMS916U
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra rated M3 & T3 A3LSMS918U
Samsung Galaxy S22 rated M3 & T3 A3LSMS901U
Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G rated M3 & T3 A3LSMG990U2
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 rated M3 & T3 A3LSMF711U
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 rated M3 & T3 A3LSMF731U
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 rated M3 & T3 A3LSMF946U
Samsung Galaxy S23 FE rated M3 & T3 A3LSMS711U
Motorola moto g 5G - 2023 rated M3 & T3 IHDT56AH4
Motorola moto g stylus 5G - 2023 rated M3 & T3 IHDT56AL2
OnePlus Nord N30 5G rated M2 & T2 2ABZ2-AA534
Samsung Galaxy A15 5G rated M3 & T3 A3LSMA156U
Samsung Galaxy A14 5G rated M3 & T3 ZCASMA146U
Samsung Galaxy A03s rated M3 & T3 2ZCASMA037U
Samsung Galaxy A54 5G rated M3 & T3 A3LSMA546U